Welcome to Smile Haus Austin, the premier dental practice in Austin, TX for dentures. Our team of highly skilled dentists, Dr. Levo, Dr. Phan, and Dr. Saez, are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and comfort to our patients. We strive to make sure each visit is a pleasant one, and our friendly staff is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today at 512-454-5153 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our denture services.

Types of Dentures

Smile Haus Austin offers a variety of dentures to fit your individual needs. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Levo, Dr. Phan, and Dr. Saez, will work with you to find the perfect denture solution.

We offer both full and partial dentures. Full dentures replace all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and partial dentures replace only a few teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Our dentists will evaluate your individual needs and determine the best course of action for you.

At Smile Haus Austin, we understand the importance of a beautiful and healthy smile. Our dentists will provide you with the best possible care to ensure that your dentures look natural and fit comfortably. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Benefits of Dentures

Dentures are a great way to restore your smile and facial structure. They are designed to fit comfortably and securely in the mouth, providing a natural look and feel. Dentures are a cost-effective solution to missing teeth and can help improve your oral health. Dentures can also make it easier to chew and speak, and can help you maintain a healthy diet. With proper care, dentures can last for many years.

Dr. Levo can help you make the right decision for your needs. Whether you need full dentures or just a few teeth replaced, they can provide you with options that fit your lifestyle and budget. With a variety of materials and styles, you can find the perfect solution for your smile. With the help of Dr. Levo, you can get the smile you deserve.

Denture Care & Maintenance

At Smile Haus Austin, we understand that taking care of your dentures is an important part of maintaining your oral health. Our team of experienced dentists is dedicated to helping you keep your dentures in top condition. We offer a range of services to help keep your dentures looking and feeling their best.

Our dentists will assess your dentures and provide advice on the best way to clean and maintain them. We can also provide advice on the best products to use for cleaning and maintaining your dentures, and can offer repairs and adjustments if needed. With regular visits to our office, we can help ensure that your dentures stay in the best condition possible.

Denture Materials

Dr. Levo of Smile Haus Austin specializes in providing denture services to patients. With an advanced selection of materials and techniques, they can create a denture that fits comfortably and looks natural. They use the latest technologies to ensure a precise fit and the highest quality materials to ensure a long-lasting, durable denture. From full dentures to partial dentures, Dr. Levo can provide a solution to meet your needs.

At Smile Haus Austin, they understand that dentures can be a life-changing process. That’s why they strive to provide the best care and service to each and every patient. They take the time to understand your needs and create a denture that fits your lifestyle and budget. With their commitment to excellence, you can trust that you will get the best denture experience possible.

Denture Adjustment & Repair

Dentures are often a necessary part of life as we age. Adjusting and repairing dentures can be a difficult task, but it is essential to ensure your denture fits properly and functions properly. At Smile Haus, we provide denture adjustment and repair services to ensure your dentures fit comfortably and securely. Our experienced dentists use a variety of methods to ensure your dentures are perfectly fitted to your mouth. We also offer a variety of services to help keep your dentures looking and functioning their best. From professional cleaning to relining your dentures, our dentists can help you maintain your dentures and keep them in top condition.

We understand the importance of having properly fitted dentures and are dedicated to providing the best care possible. Our dentists are experienced in providing denture adjustment and repair services and will work with you to ensure your dentures fit correctly and are functioning properly. With our expert care and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your dentures will be in perfect condition.

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Your Stories

"Thank each of you for making us feel so welcomed and comfortable. We are very pleased with the work done on our teeth. You have become like family to us. See ya soon!

"Dr. Farn and her assistants were some of the most professional dentists I've ever been to see. I have had a hard time getting a good dentist, but, she really takes care of you and you can tell she is passionate about her work. I recommend anyone seeking dental care in the Georgetown area go in for a visit."

Went in with constant headaches for years from TMJ. Tuan set me up with invisalign to help realign my bite. My headaches are gone and as a plus I have a new smile.

Very pleasant staff and dentists. Dr. Levo did my Invisalign case and it turned out absolutely perfect ! I’m in love with my smile now. Such a simple and easy process. Highly recommend !

Dr.Farn is an absolute artist. My new crowns look so natural and the process was so easy. Staff is very nice and professional.

Dr. Levo and Dr. Farn are both fantastic dentists! Knowledgeable, very accommodating, and they have a great staff. I love this dental office!

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