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Just 25 miles north of Austin, Georgetown, TX, is a vibrant, welcoming city attracting young couples, families, and people looking to escape the constant business of city living while retaining the modern amenities Texans love. The city is home to the most beautiful Town Square in Texas and has plenty of parks, outdoor recreation areas, restaurants, and cultural centers for everyone to enjoy.

Finding a reliable dentist in Georgetown, TX, can be challenging, as there are so many options, but Smile Haus is here to help. Our family-oriented practice is next to Frost Elementary School and Benold Middle school, making it the perfect place to start your child’s oral health journey. The convenient location just off Williams Drive on Sport Clips Way is easy to find, and we have ample parking for your convenience. 

If you want a modern family dentist with compassionate and experienced practitioners, Smile Haus Georgetown is the perfect place.

– Dr. Farn + Dr. Levo

Our Dental Services

In our journey to become the best Georgetown, TX, dentist, we provide our patients with various treatment options for the most common oral health concerns. Our expert panel of dentists can help you with basic oral healthcare, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry in a caring, family-friendly setting.

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Invisalign is a revolutionary corrective procedure that can straighten misaligned teeth without uncomfortable metal braces. Instead, you get a set of custom, transparent aligners that you change every two weeks. This series of aligners will gradually coax your teeth into their new position without traditional braces' discomfort and aesthetic drawbacks.

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an excellent option for repairing a damaged tooth. They sit on top of damaged teeth, and modern color-matching means they will look completely natural. We typically recommend crowns for large cracks or breaks on a single tooth, extensive staining that doesn’t respond to traditional teeth whitening, and widespread tooth decay.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. While artificial, the dental implant functions the same as a regular tooth and bonds directly to the jawbone, making it a long-term solution for various oral health concerns. We also offer implant-supported dentures, which are more secure and permanent than traditional options.

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Family Dentistry

As a family dentist in Georgetown, we know going to the dentist can be intimidating for children. So we focus on creating a comfortable space where they feel relaxed and safe. Our family dentistry services include annual checkups, fillings and sealants, flouride treatments, oral health education sessions, braces and other cosmetic dentistry.

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Teeth Whitening

Many Texans want a whiter, healthy smile, and while DIY kits are reasonably effective, you will always get the best results from an in-house professional teeth whitening session. We provide a wide range of safe, reliable, and effective options that can dramatically brighten and whiten your smile, from in-office treatment to take-home kits.

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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a common restorative dentistry technique that provides an appealing solution for broken or damaged teeth. Unlike an implant that bonds directly to the jawbone, a dental bridge uses adjacent teeth as support to “bridge” the gap between missing teeth. The result is a natural-looking artificial tooth (or series of teeth) that functions like your lost tooth.

Your Stories

"Thank each of you for making us feel so welcomed and comfortable. We are very pleased with the work done on our teeth. You have become like family to us. See ya soon!

"Dr. Farn and her assistants were some of the most professional dentists I've ever been to see. I have had a hard time getting a good dentist, but, she really takes care of you and you can tell she is passionate about her work. I recommend anyone seeking dental care in the Georgetown area go in for a visit."

Went in with constant headaches for years from TMJ. Tuan set me up with invisalign to help realign my bite. My headaches are gone and as a plus I have a new smile.

Very pleasant staff and dentists. Dr. Levo did my Invisalign case and it turned out absolutely perfect ! I’m in love with my smile now. Such a simple and easy process. Highly recommend !

Dr.Farn is an absolute artist. My new crowns look so natural and the process was so easy. Staff is very nice and professional.

Dr. Levo and Dr. Farn are both fantastic dentists! Knowledgeable, very accommodating, and they have a great staff. I love this dental office!

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